Make Windows 8.1 recognize your Android device using ADB.

Most of the time, when I plug in a new device on Windows 8.1, via USB, the device isn’t recognized. This frustrates me as I do have the USB drivers installed. For instance: I just bought a shiny new OnePlus One – which is a wonderful device – but it isn’t recognized in ADB when I plug it into my USB port:

2014-10-29 10_54_25-C__Windows_System32_cmd.exe

There is a very easy workaround to get it fixed. I found it somewhere on the OnePlus One forum, but I can’t exactly remember where. Anyway, when you plug in your device, go to Device Manager:

2014-10-29 10_51_07-

My OnePlus One is recognized as A0001 (don’t ask me why) in the “Other Devices”-section:

2014-10-29 10_53_41-Device Manager

Do a right mouseclick on this device (A0001) and choose “Update Driver Software” and choose the second option:

2014-10-29 10_55_19-Update Driver Software - A0001


Then choose “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer” :

2014-10-29 10_55_58-Device Manager

Choose the ADB Interface and click next:

2014-10-29 10_56_53-Device Manager

Choose the first one “SAMSUNG Android ADB Interface” and click next:

2014-10-29 10_57_25-Device Manager

You’ll receive a warning, but just click yes:

2014-10-29 10_58_32-Nieuw bericht toevoegen ‹ — WordPress

It proceeds to install the driver for this device and after this it has been finished:

2014-10-29 10_59_19-Device Manager

If you now do the command “adb devices”, you’ll see it is recognized:

2014-10-29 11_01_21-C__Windows_System32_cmd.exe

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